Park Place Activities

The goal of our activities program is to encourage opportunities for mental, physical, spiritual, and social stimulation.  Residents at Park Place enjoy a wide range of activities.  Residents are invited to become as involved as they are comfortable, and the program is designed with current interests in mind.  Activity Director, Amy Conner, shares that she is interested in offering variety when designing a monthly calendar of events.  She says that she is challenged by getting the residents to try something new and enjoys piquing their interests.

A monthly calendar may include activities like the following: Wii bowling, music, crafts, bingo, shopping, picnics, games, Bible studies, exercise, puzzles, gardening, pool, watercolor painting, book club, ice cream socials, Wii tennis, movies & popcorn, basketball, balloon volleyball, quilting, fishing, card games, board games,  cooking, trivia, sing-a-longs, bus rides, parachute fun, themed parties, Wii golf, candlelight dinners, sightseeing, outings, etc.  [Click here to see the latest calendar of events.]

Mental Stimulation

Prominent American industrialist and founder of the Ford Motor Company, Henry Ford said, “Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty. Anyone who keeps learning stays young. The greatest thing in life is to keep your mind young.”  With these words in mind, the residents at Park Place are encouraged to keep their minds active through various measures.  Ongoing learning may happen when trying something new or by stimulating mental processes with activities such as trivia, word finds, and crossword puzzles.  Residents also enjoy guest speakers and programs, as well as educational outings within the community.

Social Interaction

With such an interesting variety of people living in one place, the residents of Park Place benefit from stimulating conversations and building new friendships.  In some cases, residents also benefit from rekindling old friendships.  Activities like meal outings and sightseeing adventures allow residents to explore the community and get to know each other better.  Residents also enjoy many small and large group activities like ice cream socials and bingo and card games.  Mealtimes also include opportunities for residents to visit, and residents have fun with themed meals, special candlelight suppers, and small supper club mixers.

Physical Activity

Residents are also encouraged to remain physically active. Informal exercise opportunities are available in Park Place’s exercise room and through walking within the corridors of Park Place.  Formal opportunities include exercise classes and sporting games.  These games such as basketball and balloon volleyball highlight enhancing eye-hand coordination, while exercise programs focus on stretching, strengthening, and toning.  Wii sports are incorporated for variety and entertainment while improving physical function.

Spiritual Wellness

Park Place also offers residents opportunities for fellowship and spiritual growth.  Our chaplain enjoys visiting one-on-one with residents to offer friendship and encouragement.  Group activities include weekly Bible studies and Sunday Services in our chapel.  In addition, several entertainers share gospel and uplifting music with our residents throughout the monthly activity calendar.  Residents may also enjoy one of our many Gaither videos on Sunday afternoons on the lobby big screen t.v.