Admission Information

An Easy Transition

Prior to admission a nurse will assess your loved one to determine if Park Place can meet his or her care needs.

Admission to Park Place requires approval from a physician who will need to provide:

  • a signed history & physical current within the last six months
  • a signed order stating that the potential resident requires assisted living care
  • signed orders for medications (both prescription and over-the-counter.)

Park Place staff members are happy to assist with any arrangements necessary to help make a smooth transition for your loved one.

Admission paperwork is provided below in printable PDF format. Please click the links to open and print the forms using Adobe Reader.

Physician’s Admission Orders •  Physician’s History Physical Form

If you don’t have Adobe Reader, you can download by clicking the image. adobe_reader_button

Levels of Care

Potential residents are assessed by Park Place nursing staff to ensure that each resident fits within the scope of care provided in assisted living.  Generally, these care needs are assessed as minimal, moderate or extensive care levels and are outlined below.  A resident may not meet all of the descriptors to fall into a general category of care.

Minimal care refers to residents who typically require the following:  Meal reminders; verbal prompting with personal hygiene; verbal prompting to dress with clothes laid out; verbal prompting with ambulation; assistance with medications; verbal prompting in regard to mobility to transfer; verbal prompting with bathing/showering; occasional incontinence managed with verbal prompting; verbal direction to respond to an emergency; and/or occasional verbal direction to maintain appropriate social and personal behavior.

Moderate care refers to residents who typically require the following:  Escort to dining room for meals;  some hands-on assistance with personal hygiene; some hands-on assistance to rise out of bed or get into a chair; assistance with medications; hands-on assistance with mobility in order to steady, climb stairs, or walk outdoors; some hands-on assistance when bathing/showering; some hands-on help for occasional incontinence; some hands-on assistance to respond to an emergency; and/or some assistance in learning social or other living skills, assistance in decision-making or reality orientation due to confusion.

Extensive care refers to residents who typically require the following:  Extensive assistance with eating and/or need food cut up; extensive daily assistance with personal hygiene; extensive daily assistance with dressing; one-person assistance to transfer;  supervision with medication or  set out in order to take without confusion; extensive assistance with mobility, may be immobile without assistance; extensive assistance with bathing/showering; extensive assistance  with frequent incontinence; physical help and verbal directions to respond to an emergency due to a resident’s confusion or physical condition; extensive intervention and supervision to manage inappropriate behavior toward self and others to develop/maintain basic social skills; and/or medical diagnosis or needs to include insulin dependence, moderate dementia, foley catheter, colostomy, physical therapy, early stage functional Alzheimer’s disease, extensive medications, or other conditions.

Monthly Rates

Park Place apartment rental is on a month-to-month basis.  A resident’s monthly rate is determined by room choice and the resident’s care needs.  For pricing information and to schedule an assessment, please call (208) 465-7275.