Nursing Services

Park Place addresses the physical well-being of residents through our nursing services and the resident care department.  Park Place nurses are knowledgeable and helpful advocates who ensure that Park Place residents receive thorough care.  Our nurses work closely with residents’ physicians to help communicate health concerns and secure necessary follow-up and attention to residents’ needs.

The Park Place nursing department also mentors a team of caregivers who provide hands-on care and who are experienced and well-trained in assisting seniors.  Resident care is overseen by our Health Care Coordinator,  who supplies Park Place with full-time nursing services and oversight.  The Health Care Coordinator partners with additional nursing staff, who provide part-time and on-call services to the residents of Park Place.

Park Place’s certified nursing aides and nursing aides give patient and loving care to our residents with the thoughtfulness and attentiveness that they would provide their own loved ones.  Aides assisting with medications have completed a medication certification course and have received specialized training.

Staff members assist residents with the tasks of daily living that may include things like bathing, dressing, medication management, personal hygiene assistance, mobility assistance, transferring help, meal reminders, etc.  To deliver personalized care to each resident, Park Place nursing develops individual care plans, called Negotiated Service Agreements, that the staff members follow.  The plans are developed collaboratively with a resident, his or her family members, and Park Place staff members.  The Negotiated Service Agreement covers planned services a resident will receive at Park Place and addresses the who, what, when, and how often of care, with special instruction on how that care will be provided.  These care plans enable residents to receive the individualized care that they deserve.

Prior to admission, our nurses assess potential residents to ensure that Park Place is a good fit for them and to make certain that we are able to meet the potential residents’ needs.